Pass the PANCE with confidence!

The All Things PA-C Qbank has everything you need to pass EOR and PANCE exams

It’s our mission to provide you with the highest quality and most affordable resources to succeed on EOR and PANCE/PANRE exams.

What makes us different from other Qbanks?

Our Qbank was developed by a PA for PA students specifically. Unlike other products designed for multipurpose use by medical, nursing, pharmacy and other health professions, our program was designed by a PA for PAs with their specific needs in mind.

Questions follow the The PAEA EOR and NCCPA blueprints and are written in the style and format used on the PANCE.

EVERY topic on the NCCPA PANCE Blueprint is covered!

We know PA students are on a budget.

Equivalent programs run anywhere from $100 to $600 PER YEAR! You don’t even have access for the duration of PA school!

Our program is AFFORDABLE and you have LIFETIME access. Starting day one you have access to our ENTIRE program, and that access NEVER EXPIRES.

That means you’ll also have continued access to the program as we add additional questions and features. Your membership only gets better with time!

Since launching our PANCE practice exam we’ve helped more than 1,700 people pass the PANCE!

We’ve expanded this amazing resource and now have a QBank of 1000+ questions designed to help you learn and retain information covered on the PANCE.

What you’ll receive:

  • 1,000+ exam questions written in the style and format of the PANCE exam
  • Three ways to study: individual practice questions, quizzes of chosen length, or full-length tests
  • Questions that follow the PANCE Blueprint (medical content and task categories)
  • Answers and explanations for every question to enhance learning
  • Dashboard to view your scores and progress

We guarantee our product will help you pass the PANCE on the first try. That’s why we offer a full 100% refund if you do not pass.

  • Answer questions
  • Review your answers
  • Study the explanations

Who is this product for?

  • PA students in the final months of their program and preparing for the PANCE
  • PA students currently on clinical rotations
  • PA students in their didactic year
  • Certified PAs preparing for the PANRE
  • Certified PAs trying to stay current on general medical knowledge

Why a Qbank?

  • Studies have found that practice questions are one of the most effective study techniques
  • Well-designed study questions enhance recall of information
  • They assess how well you’re able to apply what you’ve read and learned
  • Practice questions help you identify areas of weakness
  • Practice questions help relieve fear and anxiety about the actual exam
  • Practice questions help reinforce what you’ve already learned and make it more likely you’ll retrieve the information later
  • Practice questions help you familiarize yourself with the style of the PANCE and practice timing

Bottom line – Practice questions help you PASS THE PANCE!

See what others are saying

I’d always loved seeing the questions that All Things PA-C posted on Instagram. When I found out there was going to be a full-length practice exam, I was ecstatic. I had been looking for ways to practice sitting down for a 300-question exam before taking my PANCE. Other resources provided some options, but honestly none of them were measuring up to what I was wanting. The All Things PA-C practice exam was exactly what I was looking for! I was able to take the practice exam, and also check my answers afterwards, with full explanations! A few other resources I’d used didn’t provide explanations, so I never knew how well I was truly performing. The PANCE is a marathon, and this practice exam is an excellent training tool! I would recommend the All Things PA-C practice exam to any and all PAs prepping to take the PANCE. Not only was it great practice, but it also provided me some stress relief. Plus, this practice exam is way cheaper than any other resource I used. I passed my PANCE the first time around, and I believe the All Things PA-C practice exam helped me to do so!

Terra Kenny, PA-C

Taking practice exams was the best way to study for the PANCE in my case! After a while, all the resources and exams I was using started to seem similar. Luckily, I found the All Things PA-C practice test and it was a refreshing change in questions and content! I took the practice test 1 week before I took boards and I feel like it really helped prepare me for the length of the exam and type of questions asked! The explanations to each question on the practice test were extremely helpful as well. I passed my PANCE on the first go around and the All Things PA-C practice test definitely helped me to achieve that goal!!

Katelyn Espinoza, PA-C

All Things PA-C practice exam helped prepare me to take the PANCE and helped ease my anxiety leading up to test day. I felt well prepared knowing that I had already taken an exam formatted similarly to PANCE (i.e. number of questions, structure of questions, etc.). The price is hard to beat too! I ended up passing PANCE my first time taking it, and would recommend this practice exam to all PA students studying for boards.

Katie S, PA-C

Thank you again for your practice exam! I passed my PANCE exam last week with a score way over passing!! I found the exam to be similar question style to yours and I appreciate you not taking advantage and charging a ton of money like all the other sites. I thought your exam also gave much more feedback than the practice exams, too!

Erica LoBuglio, PA-C

I truly feel these questions helped me pass the PANCE on my first time. While I used other study sources as well, when comparing the question banks I used to my actual PANCE experience, I felt these questions most closely mimicked the PANCE in both style and level of difficulty. The answer explanations were clearly written and were very helpful in allowing me to locate areas I was weak in, as well as helping to fill in gaps where I may know the answer, but not clearly understand why it is correct. I think this was a great resource to have, and was very happy to have it.

William Kossenjans, PA-C

The PA-C behind All Things PA-C

Hi! I’m Rebekah, proud PA-C. I’ve been a practicing PA for over 10 years with experience in emergency medicine, family medicine, and PA education.

I love the PA profession and all it’s done for me. I mostly love the flexibility it’s given me to live an intentional life both professionally and personally. I’ve worked long 12 hour shifts in the ED, done the 9-5 in primary care, taught in the classroom, and now spend my time working as the sole provider in a community clinic serving my patients and precepting PA students.

One of my many passions is helping PA students succeed in PA school, prepare for the PANCE, and navigate the ins and outs of starting a career as a PA-C. I manage All Things PA-C where I post all of my best resources and engage with an awesome community of pre-PAs, PA students and PA-Cs.


  1. Do you offer refunds?

    If you do not pass the PANCE on the first try, we offer a full refund. For all other refund requests, please see our refund policy below.

  2. How will it be delivered to me?

    The Qbank is a web app, and you gain immediate access after purchase. After completing your purchase, you will be able to set your password and will then be directed to your dashboard.

  3. How similar is the Qbank to the real PANCE?

    All questions follow the PANCE Content Blueprint and are written in the format and style NCCPA uses for questions.

  4. How many questions are there?

    Currently there are over 1,000 questions, and questions continue to be added monthly.

  5. Can I filter questions by specialty?

    Yes, you can filter questions by EOR specialty or by system if desired.

  6. How long are the quizzes?

    You can create custom quizzes ranging from 5 to 30 questions in length.

  7. Is there still a full-length exam available?

    With the Qbank you have the option to answer individual questions, take a quiz, or take a full-length mock exam.

  8. Can I track my progress?

    A personal dashboard lets you see how many questions you've answered, your percentage correct, your progress on quizzes and tests, and the ability to review answers on quizzes and tests.

Refund Policy

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However because our products are digital goods, we generally do not offer refunds outside our pass guarantee.

If you change your mind about your purchase and have not used the QBank extensively, we'll review your request on a case-by-case basis and refunds are issued at our sole discretion. Refund requests must be made within fifteen (15) days of purchase.

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