Pack your things: The most recommended bags for physician assistant students

I’m frequently asked about the “best ____” for physician assistant students. Recently I crowdsourced this question to our instagram community and these were the most recommended bags to carry during the clinical year that are both professional and practical. Some of these are definitely investment pieces, but there are budget friendly options as well. 1. … Continued

5 PA Student Resources for EOR and PANCE Prep

End of rotation exams and PANCE preparation requires a significant amount of self-study and independent learning. PA students have limited time during the clinical year and must optimize their study strategy. Good resources are extremely important to maximize time on task. During the clinical year, I recommend both the NCCPA Blueprint and the PAEA Blueprint … Continued

A Review of Smarty PANCE

I started All Things PA-C in 2018 after noticing a lack of quality and affordable resources for PA students. One of the few exceptions to this was Smarty PANCE. As a result, I have enthusiastically recommended it for PA students as a core study guide. I’m not the only one. Smarty PANCE is repeatedly the … Continued

2020 PA Gift Guide

I’m frequently asked about gift ideas for PA students or new grads, which is why I love putting together a holiday gift guide. The 2019 gift guide was a huge hit, so we’re back for 2020! I really like to think through both fun and practical ideas for PA students. So, here you go! 1) … Continued

Why I Don’t Care What the AMA Thinks About PAs

The American Medical Association posted an article in October of this year insulting not only PAs, but NPs, pharmacists, psychologists, and optometrists. It was yet another display of their insecurity and ego under the disguise of patient safety. I won’t link to the blog, but you can Google and find it if you’d like. I … Continued

How to Stand Out in your PA School Interview

The PA program I work for recently finished up interviews for 2020. We typically do an MMI, but were forced to use a more traditional interview style via Zoom due to COVID-19. Most PA programs use a 2:1 to 3:1 ratio of interviewees to seats. Meaning, if they accept 50 students, they will interview 100-150 … Continued

Starting a Family During PA School

On the first day of orientation for PA school, our program director stood in front of the class and presented a PowerPoint presentation on what to expect and how to succeed during PA school. About halfway through the presentation, there was a slide titled “Don’ts.” Underneath was a long list that included buy a house, … Continued

Starting a Side Hustle as a PA: Part 2

The last post on my blog is about how and why I started All Things PA-C. If you missed it, check it out here. Here in part 2, I’ll discuss how I grew a large Instagram following and the tools I used to create and grow my business. To make things simple, I’ll break this … Continued

Starting a Side Hustle as a PA: Part 1

This isn’t your typical topic for the physician assistant profession, but it’s one I get a lot of questions about. So today I’m telling you about my experience building a side hustle as a PA. In part 1, I’m discussing what lead me to this journey and how I got started. In part 2, I’ll … Continued

A Day in the Life of a Family Medicine Physician Assistant

Family medicine was my second career specialty. I worked in emergency medicine for 3 years prior to changing specialties. Truthfully (and ignorantly), my idea of family medicine was this “happy place” where all the patients are on schedule and I was home by 5 every night and free on the weekends.  While there was some … Continued

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