11 Podcasts for Physician Assistant Students

In a world where information is at our fingertips, the realm of medical education  is no exception to the digital revolution. Everything from learning the basics to keeping up with the latest medical advancements and guidelines has never been more accessible. Whether you’re a new PA student or seasoned physician assistant, podcasts have emerged as an invaluable source of knowledge.

Below are some of the best podcasts for physician assistant students recommended by both PAs and PA students. 

1. Cram the PANCE

This was by far the most recommended podcast by PA students who submitted suggestions. The podcast covers all of the PANCE Blueprint topics providing tips and tricks to remember the massive amount of information needed to succeed in PA school and pass the PANCE. Check out the YouTube channel as well

2. PA in a Flash

This is another great podcast specifically for PA students. Host Courtney Shock uses an active-recall, flashcard-style review covering practice questions on PANCE and EOR topic lists.

3. Ninja Nerd

You’re likely familiar with Ninja Nerd’s YouTube channel where they break down physiology and medical topics for their 2.7 million subscribers with amazing whiteboard skills.  Did you know creator  Zach Murphy is a PA who hosts the Ninja Nerd podcast? If you love their YouTube channel, check out their podcast that focus on medical board content designed to help you pass exams. 

4. The Curbsiders 

Highly recommended and one of my personal favorites, Curbsiders is hosted by internal medicine physicians who interview experts on the subject matter covered. You’ll feel like you’ve mastered the topic after each episode. These episodes are fairly long, averaging about an hour, the hosts are entertaining and engaging. Great for commutes to and from school and clinical rotations.  

5. The Cribsiders 

If you enjoy The Curbsiders, you’ll love the Cribsiders who cover pediatric topics in a similar format. 

6. The Audio PANCE and PANRE

Most PA students are familiar with SmartyPANCE (if you aren’t, please check it out!). But did you know Stephen Pasquini also has a podcast? This is another great review of PANCE Blueprint topics with episodes lasting 20-30 minutes and covering 10 PANCE and PANRE review questions in each episode.The free series is limited to every other episode, but the complete series is available to SmartyPANCE subscribers. If you’re not already subscribed, use this link and code AllThingsPAC for 10% off. 

7. PA Exam Review

Brian Wallace from Physician Assistant Exam Review, covers core medical knowledge in easily digestible 20-30 minute episodes. This is another great Podcast produced by a PA specifically for PA students. 

8. Medgeeks

Medgeeks publishes short and sweet episodes with topics catering to primary care and internal medicine. The host breaks down complex topics, debunks myths, and helps you stay up to date in medicine. Their goal is to provide medical content to help clinicians get through school, boards, and to excel in clinical practice. 

9. EMRA*Cast

Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association is the voice of emergency medicine physicians-in-training. While it was created “for residents, by residents,” this podcast is an excellent resource for PAs studying emergency medicine topics and cases, and should be a rotating podcast for PAs working in emergency medicine. I listened to this podcast religiously in my ER days. 

10. EM Clerkship

EM Clerkship is designed to help medical students master their EM clerkship, but is perfect for PA students as well. It covers different chief complaints, critical diagnoses, and skills important for the Emergency Department. 

11. EM Basic 

This is another great podcast designed for students in ER clerkships, but the range of topics covered spans across other areas of medicine including critical, primary, general and heavy coverage of pediatric medicine.

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