Pack your things: The most recommended bags for physician assistant students

I’m frequently asked about the “best ____” for physician assistant students. Recently I crowdsourced this question to our instagram community and these were the most recommended bags to carry during the clinical year that are both professional and practical. Some of these are definitely investment pieces, but there are budget friendly options as well.

1. This diaper bag

Don’t knock it till you’ve seen it. Tons of people recommended a diaper bag backpack because of all the pockets and cooler storage. I’ve also noticed many people using these for everyday bags. This is one on amazon looks great and is under $25

2. The LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack

$37 on Amazon with several colors to choose from. Several pockets for organization and an external USB port.

3. Incase backpack

My husband has carried his ICON backpack for years and I’ve always thought it looked very professional for a backpack. However, I’m loving the look of this A.R.C. Commuter pack they carry (second pic). Maybe I’ll snag one for him! Prices range $70-200+ on their site but take note they almost always run 50% off on their bags on Black Friday.

4. Bies work tote

$138 on their site, which offers a 15% off first-time purchases. Very professional looking. Large and holds it shape well. A good investment piece if you’re looking for a tote.

5. Fjallraven laptop backpack

$120 on Amazon. Multiple colors to choose from. A simple back with a laptop compartment if that’s all you’re looking for.

6. Madewell transport tote

$168 on Amazon. A simple leather tote/crossbody. You may want to consider an organizational insert but this classic bag is stylish enough for clinic and everyday use.

7. Dagne Dover tote and backpack

Pricey, anywhere from $100-300. I almost didn’t include because of the prices but several recommended these as investment bags. You decide what’s in your budget.

8. Kroser laptop backpack

$40 on Amazon. There’s a nice floral pattern as well. Several recommended this bag. It has a framed mouth for easy use as well as several inner pockets and a USB port.

9. Madewell Lorimer backpack

$138 on Amazon. Another great looking back from Madewell, if it’s in your budget. It’s only 14.5 inches tall so may not fit all laptops

10. Sherpani Soleil backpack

$120 on Amazon. Several color options. Versatile as a backpack, crossbody or tote.

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click the link and purchase the item, I receive a small commission. All opinions are my own. 

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