Contemplating Diversity in the PA Profession

Current events highlighting injustice in our world have many people digging deep and asking themselves, “Am I a part of this?” and “What can I do?” If you’re not a minority, the first instinct upon hearing the terms like racist, privilege, injustice, etc. may be to get defensive. Mine is. “I’m not racist.”“I don’t have … Continued

Will I find a job as a PA after COVID?

Six months ago, this question wouldn’t have even been on my radar. Healthcare jobs in general have been on the rise for decades, and PAs continue to hold one of the top positions in regards to job outlook.  But then COVID happened. And as horrible as it’s been to watch thousands lose their lives to … Continued

How I Paid Off My PA Student Loan Debt

One of the most engaging topics of conversation I have with PA students has to do with the student loan burden of PA school. The average student loan debt for PA students upon graduation right now is $116,773. Many students have told me their debt is significantly higher. I believe PA school is a good … Continued

It’s Time for ARC-PA to Support PA Students

UPDATE: This article was posted on 3/19/20. On 3/20/20, the ARC-PA issued a revised statement which can be found here. This speaks to the many students and programs who spoke out in support of PA students across the country during the uncertain times. COVID-19, the quarantine, and all subsequent fallout has everyone struggling to figure … Continued

The PA Title Change

I’ve debated back and forth on posting my opinion of the PA title change. Some days I care about it. But to be honest, most days I don’t. That is until the Title Change Survey came out last fall. We’ll get to that… It’s not that I’m in love with our title; I loathe the … Continued

5 Tips for Productive Study Groups

If you’ve followed me for long, you know practice tests are kind of my thing. And as much as I believe they’re one of the most effective study methods out there for PA students, I recommend utilizing multiple study methods during PA school. This includes study groups. Study groups allow you to learn from each … Continued

2019 PA-C Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click the link and purchase the item, I receive a small commission. All opinions are my own.  1) Gray’s Anatomy Women’s Mock wrap scrub top These are my favorite go-to scrubs for comfort and style. They have a classic fit, plenty of pocket’s and they signature … Continued

Medical Mission Trip Q&A

I wrote 2 blog post this week about my medical mission trip to Greece last month. In Part 1 I discussed being the medical lead and all that went into planning a medical mission trip. In Part 2, I wrote about my personal experience on this particular trip. Today in Part 3, I’ll answer the … Continued

Serving in Greece: My Experience as a PA on a Medical Mission Trip

Hopefully, you read Part 1 of this series where I spoke about planning a medical mission trip. In this post, I will talk about my experience as a PA on this medical mission trip to Athens, Greece in October 2019. Over the past 10 years, Greece has received over 50,000 refugees. Most of these were … Continued

Planning a Medical Mission Trip

I’ve been on two medical mission trips. I was a PA student the first time and traveled with one of our PA professors to a Mexico border city and provided primary care for the poor in that community. The second one was in October 2019, where I traveled with a small team to provide care … Continued

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